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Channel locations developments has worked to merge its different expertise in various business sectors since 1956 with a deep-rooted belief that there is infinite untapped potential in the outskirts, in Egypt and Worldwide. There lies the opportunity for us to provide our investors with a radically improved quality of life investment.

Our well-diversified landbank, prime assets portfolio and our strong balance sheet in all the Business life sectors whether (Engineering - Marketing Consultants - Construction Financial Consultants- Real Estate etc.) provides us with solid footings to deliver to all our stakeholders worldwide.

Channel locations developments "The Saudi-Egyptian Investment" is located in Egypt to invest with a wide scope with an exorbitant budgets and experiences that exceeds the 67 years in the Middle East in all the business sectors, and with their 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Market In the Middle East Too, Now for the first time happening in Egypt an outstanding Saudi - Egyptian Collaboration in The Egyptian Real Estate Market. 





Since our inception in 1956, we have achieved many achievements

- Since 1956 the achievements of the Saudi Family Al-Obaid started, they worked in a lot of different industries under the umbrella of The Brand Name" Chanal", then they developed the Company and started to expand with a lot of factories in different fields and after that they decided to invest in the Real Estate in KSA and The Gulf Countries Region. - Knowing That Our Egyptian Investors, are done with a past 20 years of successful investment stories in each suburbs of Egypt such as (New Cairo -Sheikh Zayed - October - Maadi - Gouna); also in the UAE & the Middle East they invested in all the Businesses sectors. - After all these successful stories from the two sides, Both the Saudi and the Egyptian Investors decided to collaborate together; to invest in Egypt now. They Established CLD (Channel Locations Developments) with a lifetime business plans in Egypt and in The Middle east, secured from any misfortunes would happen in the future.


years experience in different business sectors


years experience in real estate market

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